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Steinberg faucets, founded in 2002, represents a new idea of the bathroom. With aesthetic, contemporary design, the latest technology and high quality materials, the Düsseldorf-based company has earned a permanent place in the sanitation sector. "No design followed short-lived trends. Although all products are modern and are based on the current zeitgeist, at the same time, however, we rely on classic items that can make these designs into real design classics flat. Short-term trends, we do not pant after, "says founder and CEO Marcus Löhnert. Therefore, the company is the world looking for trends and inspiration, it analyzes and develops them further in its claim. The product portfolio now includes 14 taps series for bathroom and kitchen, some of them already won several prestigious awards, rain showerheads, various accessories series, and related accessories material - everything "made in Germany". In addition to the excellent design, for the Steinberg seeks cooperation with renowned product designers regularly, the products are also for its excellent quality, which is also a specially developed, in-house quality management reviewed and monitored on a regular basis in addition to external testing institutes. For all the products only high quality materials such as solid, chrome plated brass or satin glass are used. Thus Steinberg defined aesthetic value retention newly for themselves: because the combination of perfect design and first-class quality makes Steinberg products timeless and durable attendants in designer bathroom.

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